Access Control Installation

It is important that when you decide to install access control you get the system that fits your needs, from the form of entrance control to the access points where you need security systems installed, whether that’s control for doors in your building or external gates. At Securing By Design we ensure our engineers carry out a survey and work with you to make sure you get what you want and need from your access control solution. We have lots of experience in working on both commercial and residential projects that require bespoke access control systems to resolve their security concerns, and are confident that we can provide the right access control system for you.

All of our engineers are security checked to assure that you have complete peace of mind whilst we secure your property. Each one of the engineers assigned with your project will work with you to achieve the required level of security, and whether it is at the design stage or at the installation stage your security brief is always kept at the forefront of the project.

There are many forms of access control, each with a different level of security associated with them, and so as part of designing your access control system, we take into consideration which form of access will be best suited for your purpose. We can provide:

  • Card Readers
  • Digital Locks
  • Biometric Access Control Systems (Fingerprint Readers)
  • Mechanical Push Button

Commercial Access Control

Whatever your business, it is important that your assets are protected, and this applies to both your products and your staff. In buildings that rely on lock and key security, doors are often left open all day for ease of access. Unfortunately, this also makes access easy for opportunistic and malicious theft or damage. By using our access control systems, access is automatically blocked to anyone who has not been authorised, keeping your company safe.

Residential Access Control

Access control solutions are not just for commercial properties; this type of security system is often used in conjunction with security gates for the home. Driveway gates can be opened by simply using a fob from inside your car, providing secure access to your home without the hassle associated with manual access gates.