Rim Cylinder Locks

The Cylinder lock is a tubular lock with a rotating piece that acts as the locking mechanism. The main advantage to this lock is that it can be easily removed by a locksmith to facilitate re-keying or changing the lock, without altering the boltwork hardware or damaging the frame.

Rim cylinder locks work with a nightlatch on external timber doors, and feature a snib (a manually operated catch) that allows for the internal locking of a door, preventing even those with keys from entering the premises – ideal for securing the door at night time. The latch can also be set in the open position to prevent you from locking yourself out when going in and out of your home – for example when loading the car or taking bins out. These features make Rim Cylinder Locks ideal for use in front doors, with their key and latch feature, and they are great high quality locks to make your home more secure.

We supply a selection of rim cylinder locks with different levels of security. To find out which level you require, call a member of our team on 01483766569 and speak to a member of the team, who are highly experienced in advising customers on the best locks for their needs.